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The Thomas Elliot Organ

The Thomas Elliot Organ


The Thomas Elliot Organ at Crick Parish Church is a rare example of an instrument following the old English tradition. The organ was originally built in 1819 by Thomas Elliot of Tottenham Court Road for the Chapel Royal at St James' Palace, London before eventually finding its current home in our church. A number of modifications have been to the instrument over the years and in 1978 a minor restoration was undertaken.

In 1999, the Church undertook a report about the condition of the organ and was advised at that time, that with routine maintenance the organ should be able to function into the foreseeable future.

However towards the end of 2003, it was reported by the organists that several pedals were not coupling through correctly to Choir manuals, resulting in some erratic sounds occurring or missing.

Michael Latham, our organ tuner at the time, suggested that these minor repairs might prove difficult to undertake and we should explore ways of getting the organ restored or renovated.

Two of the best known organ restorer companies in the UK were asked to come and inspect the organ and produce detailed reports with estimates for a complete restoration.  As a result of this we set about obtaining funding for such a restoration project and this web site describes various aspects of the project as a whole. As you can see the project is now well on the way to completion.

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